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Amy (四姐)


In 1995, Amy(四姐) opened her first restaurant in the United States, and has since upheld a commitment to quality food, exceptional service, and providing opportunities for employee growth. Over the years, Amy(四姐) has continuously innovated and gradually created many of its own brands and products.

Amy’s(四姐) restaurant Group has four brands under its umbrella: 四姐 Special Noodle, 四姐 Golden Lounge KTV, 四姐 Pan Fried Dumplings, and 四姐 Always Cool BBQ.

四姐 Special Noodle is the newest addition to the group, with a unique cooking technique that has customers fascinated. In early 2022, the owner personally developed a special noodle dish that involves cooking the noodles and broth on high-temperature natural cobblestones in the pot. This causes the broth to immediately boil and creates a remarkable sight for customers to witness. The high-temperature cobblestones also ensure that the noodles and soup remain hot for a longer period of time, providing a more enjoyable dining experience.

Currently, there are 5 四姐 Special Noodle locations in Northern California, and the brand’s popularity continues to grow among both new and loyal customers. The company plans to expand the brand to other cities in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as Las Vegas, Hawaii and more.


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