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生煎包 Soup Pan Fried Buns

小笼包 Steamed Soup Dumplings

藤椒石锅羊肉 Lamb Stone Pot Noodle Soup

藤椒石锅黑鱼片 Fish Stone Pot Noodle Soup

番茄鸡蛋拌面/饭/米粉 Tomato Egg Mixed Noodle/Rice

藤椒石锅雪花牛肉 Beef Stone Pot Noddle Soup

小炒牛肉 Rainbow Beef

孜然羊肉 Cumin Lamb

四姐 Special Noodle is a brand that focuses on providing various specialty noodles and Dumplings , including Stone Pot Noodles, Soup Pan Fried Buns, Xiaolongbao, Dumplings. In early 2022, the owner personally developed a unique noodle dish that is cooked on high-temperature natural pebbles in the pot, combined with hot soup. This innovative cooking process creates an interesting and eye-catching scene for customers. The high-temperature pebbles help to maintain the temperature of the noodles and soup, ensuring that the taste and temperature of the dish are maintained throughout the meal.

Currently, there are Eight 四姐 Special Noodle locations in Northern CA & TX. The brand has gained increasing popularity among both new and returning customers.

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